How to make use of the PayPal Account adder

How to make use of the PayPal Account adder

Well, just try to make a PayPal user program, and before filling all of the data in the user creation form, check from the nation’s field if your nation is present. You might think at first that all nations are there, but I have realized some years ago that Lebanon isn’t among the countries out there from the PayPal application form countries list, and after that while communication with friends from Egypt, I realized that Egypt is also not available one of the PayPal nations, and neither are a whole lot of other nations, so how to proceed if you cannot create a PayPal email on your country.

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Along the years I Have tried many procedures to have a PayPal account active. On many sites, it is only possible to buy software or books or even goods should you would have PayPal. I first tried to register myself as a US citizen. In fact, I have a US address I use for shipping products from the USA through Armed, and utilizing that address I managed to make a PayPal email. Having a PayPal email, I began searching for ways to finance it. I tried assigning a credit card to it, but this wasn’t possible, because all of the time the credit cards I assigned were rejected as not legitimate. What I knew later on was that it was essential for the credit card to be accepted to be in the same state as the PayPal account that is USA.

I also thought about developing a bank account in America through friends or relatives I have there, or via a local bank which has a branch there, but then I discovered a way to finance my PayPal account without connecting any bank or card, by selling items on the web and getting paid to my PayPal address. But then, I got a terrible surprise, once I tried to buy something using the funds I have in my PayPal account, my buy got rejected, because it said my account was not verified.

Long story short, the only way to have a usable PayPal account in your country (if your state isn’t available in the country record of the PayPal application form) will be to make a US issued credit card. The easiest way to do that’s to receive an American Express Credit Card, because from all the Credit Cards accessible, the American Express Cards are the only ones constantly issued in the united states, and carrying the maximum safety for the online transactions, and it is probably what makes them acceptable according to PayPal Money Adder. When you have your American Express Credit Card, link your PayPal account registered in the use with your American Express Credit Card, and finance it, then you can use for all of your purchases on the internet, and that is it.

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