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It’s 2016 – Let’s Ride!

Come Join Us!  Monthly Meeting


Monday, July 11, 2016
7:00 PM
The Casual Pint, Farragut

Meet new members, connect with old members, learn more about weekly rides and meet the ride leaders, and learn more about the club.

Jay Snyder, volunteer with the Knoxville Transportation Planning Organization, will lead a pre-meeting ride, 5-10 miles, easy pace. Before the ride, Jay will talk about proper bike fit and what riders should check on the bike before each ride. We will meet at 5:45 in the parking lot of The Casual Pint in Farragut.

Can’t make it to the ride? Join us at The Casual Pint at 7:00. In addition to proper bike fit and pre-ride checklist, Jay will go over rules of the road, proper lane selection, options on handling busy intersections, etc. Beginner and experienced riders will benefit from this information.

We have the new t-shirts for members. Come get yours!


The Knox Revolution Women’s Cycling Club is dedicated to promoting the sport of cycling among women. We started in 2003 as a racing team with five members. Our membership consists of women of all ages and riding abilities. We are an organization dedicated to getting as many women involved in the sport of cycling as possible.

Knox Revolution members are diverse in their cycling interests including, but not limited to road cycling, mountain biking, cyclo-cross and triathlons. Our goal is to encourage women to engage in an active lifestyle by introducing them to this challenging, but fun sport. We achieve this goal by offering a network of experienced riders who provide advice and support with respect to all aspects of cycling, including skills, training, and nutrition, all in a non-threatening and supportive environment. We want our club to serve as the standard and inspiration for other emerging female-focused organizations in cycling. We envision an organization that will do more than race and win titles – this club is about women, healthy lifestyles and the community.

Additionally, we are dedicated to raising public awareness of issues related to women’s health and fitness, as well as bicycle advocacy. And we have fun doing it! We hope you will join us for our weekly rides as well as our monthly meetings.

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